A Pot of Courage Cafe, Workshops, Catering, Events, and Crafts

Women of the world presenting cooking classes, events, dinner & brunch parties, stories, and crafts from our homelands.

Thursday & Friday

9.30 am to 1.30 pm

We sell spices

Pick some up during your weekly visit

A Pot of Courage Café

Barkly Square
25-39 Barkly Street, Ballarat East

Our café hours and capacity depend on COVID-19 guidelines
Visit our Café page for current information


APOC Co-ordinator
Shiree Pilkinton

p: 0438 871 503

e: apotofcourage@gmail.com


An extension of   ‘It Takes Courage’ - an original project of Women's Health Grampians, with support from Victoria Against Violence.